How It Works ?

How it Works
Consuming cold pressed juice is the most efficient way to make your life a whole lot healthier by giving you the highest concentration of nutrients from fruits and vegetables in a form that is easiest for your body to take in and use.

A juice fast - also known as a juice cleanse -  is about taking the clean eating approach a step further; giving your digestive system a break and reducing your body’s dependence on unhealthy, processed foods.

At Neo Juicery, we have created several Juice Packs that are practical, user-friendly and that cater to all nutritional lifestyles, from the most disciplined raw food enthusiasts to the fast food lovers looking to periodically offset the damages of indulgence.

Don’t be mistaken. A juice fast is not in any way a form of starvation or depletion. On the contrary! Because of our cold pressed juicing system, our juices infuse and energize the body with essential proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and enzymes thus avoiding the debilitating fatigue and depletion associated with extreme fasting.


A daily supply of six - 500 ml Neo juices are delivered to you the evening before your cleanse starts. Each nutrient-dense juice is made fresh on the day of delivery with our cold, hydraulic press system and bottled immediately. Our juices have a shelf life of three days when kept refrigerated. We only deliver a maximum of three days worth of juice so nothing ever goes to waste. If you choose to do a longer fast, we will deliver a fresh batch on the third day for you to continue your program.

Once you receive your cleanse package, you will find each bottle labelled in an order from one to six.  We recommend that you drink the first juice (#1) in the morning and the last one (#6) at least two hours before you go to bed. We found that our customers feel best when they consume their beverages approximately two hours apart, but that is up to you & your hunger levels throughout the day.

Each Neo juice is designed to replace solid foods and snacks. To get the best results from your fast, we recommend that you stay away from alcohol, energy drinks, caffeine, and nicotine while you are on a fast program.

Below is a guide to a juice fast that you might find useful:



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