Where can I buy your products?

Neo Juicery is an online business. You can purchase our products directly on our website. Take a gander through our juice collections and place your order online.

How much does delivery cost?

Free delivery - on all orders over $65, $5 Delivery Fee - on all orders below $64.99

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver locally within the Edmonton & surrounding areas such as St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Stony Plain, and Beaumont.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

Juices are pressed and delivered every Tuesday and Friday. If your order is placed on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday - your order will be delivered on Friday afternoon. If your order is placed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday - your order will be delivered on Tuesday afternoon. Expect deliveries between 3-6 PM. We, of course, can accommodate any special requests so feel free to contact us for any special accommodations.

Are your products organic?

While we are committed to using only organic ingredients in our products, our products are not Certified Organic. The reasons for that are: a) as a start-up business, we do share our kitchen with other local businesses and therefore we cannot fully control the environment we produce in; b) there are certain ingredients that may not be certified organic, such a wild harvested herbs and mushrooms, or an ingredient that we could not get organic due to lack of supply one week; and c) during the local season, we make sure to give our business to our local farmers first, many of which may grow organically but are not yet certified due to costs or being in a transition to organic. We try our best to ride the challenging waves of our food system here in Alberta but we are committed to making conscious decisions when sourcing every input we use to maintain our quality promise to you.

What should I do with my empty bottles?

We have committed to using only glass bottles for our juices and elixirs. We hope that you will reuse our bottles as they are pretty and quite versatile. If you need inspiration, follow us on Facebook & Instagram. We also offer a Bottle Recycling Program where we take back your bottles and offer a $1 rebate on your next order for each bottle you return. We then clean and reuse the bottles for future orders. This helps reduce our material consumption.

Do you sell cleanses?

Yes we do. Our “cleanses” are called Juice Fasts. We find the term “cleanse” is misleading and inaccurate. Consuming cold pressed high quality juice does not “cleanse” our bodies. Meaning that consuming cold pressed juice does not exclusively and directly cause our elimination organs to metabolize and excrete toxins. It really isn’t a flush like the media makes it seem. As a matter of fact, our body has the innate ability to cleanse (i.e metabolize & remove toxins) on its own without any external inputs. Cleansing happens through the daily function of our liver and kidneys. If this wasn’t the case, we would perish simply due to toxic overload! What we do believe, however - as we have seen through anecdotal evidence by way of our own experiences and those of others in our life- is the benefit of high quality cold pressed juice in supplying much needed and concentrated nutrition during a fast. Think about it this way - we are leading busy, stressful lives nowadays. We all probably consume foods that are calorie rich and nutrition poor, as much as we try to meal plan and get our veggies prepped the night before. Organic foods are expensive and it’s very hard to feed our families 100% organic foods that are free of the harsh chemicals that overload our bodies and make us sick. Taking a break, i.e a fast, from processed foods is an excellent strategy to eliminate some of these stressors. A juice fast can provide an excellent dose of micro & some macronutrition - protein, vitamins & minerals, to help fuel our bodies during our fasting break. Being a liquid diet, it takes less effort from our body to metabolize and the nutrients are quickly absorbed and carried to our cells where they can be put to good use. Giving your organs a break from the constant supply of stressors (chemicals, processed foods, etc) is like a clock reset or an oil change on your car - a much needed tune up so they can continue to do what they do best: cleanse.

How long is your juice good for?

Our juices are pressed and delivered the same day, so they will be good for four days from the day of delivery. You will also see a sticker on all of our juices and elixirs that advises you when best to consume them by.

I’m looking for a certain blend, can I customize my beverage?

Yes! Yes, indeed. We are so happy to be the first juicery in Alberta to provide you the added service of customization because we believe cold pressed juice and medicinal elixirs are for everyone. We are happy to work with you to design what it is that you need for your health journey. Please refer to our Build-A-Juice program to learn more about how to request your own blend(s).

Do you deliver outside of Edmonton?

Yes, we do! Delivery days will be (Tuesdays & Fridays). Orders placed between Thursday after 12 PM & Monday before noon will be delivered on Tuesday afternoon. Orders placed between Monday after 12 PM & Thursday before noon will be delivered on Friday afternoon. Expect your delivery between 3-6 PM. We, of course, can accommodate any special requests so feel free to Contact Us for any special accommodations.

I’ve never done a juice fast before, what should I expect?

We’re going to be honest here: the first day or two are painful! You’ll feel hungry, maybe a headache, trouble concentrating, and a few more bathroom trips than usual. BUT, do not let that stop you because the reward at the end is so worth it. We recommend at least a three day cleanse because we find that it takes at least two to three days for your body to adapt to the change in diet and nutrient delivery medium. Remember, your body is a living organism and is a creature of habit. Changing your ways so suddenly will give your body a bit of a shock. The good news is, your body is resilient and smart and will adapt to what you provide it. After three days, expect the hunger cravings to dissipate, the withdrawal symptoms to subside, and a more alert, lighter self to emerge. You will still be going to the bathroom more often, but will definitely find a sense of freedom from food - most commonly a relief from bloating, heartburn, and indigestion. We’ve found a sense of liberation during a juice fast that we are sure no science can ever explain. It takes one’s mind off of food and allow you to focus on something more important while still being nourished through juice. Try it and let us know - we’d love to hear your juice fast story!

What’s with the names of your drinks?

Funny story. You know when you were in school and you had to write an essay? You manage to write the whole thing but get stumped at the title? Yep, that’s what happened here. The creative juices (no pun intended) stopped flowing and we got stumped at the names. We thought to ourselves, hey - we are a proud Edmonton- born company, why not show it off. So we did! All of our juices are named after memorable and landmark places in and around our beautiful city. It’ll make the world scratch their heads but to you - a fellow Edmontonian, you’ll get it!

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